How to Make Brown Sugar Oolong Milk Bubble Tea Recipe in 7 Easy Steps | Aura Blender Recipe

How to Make Brown Sugar Oolong Milk Bubble Tea Recipe in 7 Easy Steps | Aura Blender Recipe

If there was a drink to represent Singaporeans' one true love, it would be bubble tea. This highly requested brown sugar milk tea recipe produces a balanced and delicious drink that's both sweet and milky. What's more, you can make it in just 7 easy steps and in under 10 minutes with the Aura Portable Blender to satisfy your sweet tooth whenever and wherever you want!

Say goodbye to queueing at Koi, Gong Cha, LiHo, Tiger Sugar or HeyTea for pricey drinks - and get blending with this Aura Blender recipe to make your very own brown sugar milk tea in Singapore!

Here's how to do it:


  • Oolong tea 160ml (⅓ of Aura Blender)
  • Fresh milk 160ml (⅓ of Aura Blender)
  • 1-2 oreo cookies (optional)
  • Boiled tapioca pearls (optional; available from Phoon Huat stores)
  • Brown sugar syrup 30ml

    Recipe Instructions:

    1. Add 160ml oolong tea until Aura Blender is one-third full.
    2. Add 160ml milk and stop when Aura Blender is two-thirds full.
    3. Break up and add 1-2 oreo cookies (optional).
    4. Power on Aura Blender. Stop when the mixture is evenly blended.
    5. Open the lid and add boiled tapioca pearls (optional).
    6. Dribble in 30ml brown sugar syrup.
    7. Close the lid and shake well.

    And you're done! Enjoy your drink fresh and drink straight from Aura Blender which also doubles up as a drinking glass.

    Ready to make your own brown sugar fresh milk tea anytime and anywhere? Get your Aura Portable Blender now to make Brown Sugar Milk Tea and hundreds of other easy Aura Blender recipes!

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