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Featured on The Wonder Shop "Star Selection" episode and aired on Mediacorp TV

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"This mini portable blender can blitz through nuts and crush ice in seconds."


Ranked #1 for Portable Blenders and #2 overall for Blenders

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"offers the best value for money and performs excellently for multi-functional use."

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"tops our list as the best blender in Singapore, which we highly recommend"


Ranked #1 for Blenders

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"incredibly powerful and easy to clean, making it the best portable blender in Singapore"


Ranked #1 for Portable Blenders and #2 overall for Blenders

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"highly portable, price is agreeable considering the high power and durable material"


Ranked #1 for Portable Blenders

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"definitely catches our eye as one of the most advanced and powerful portable blenders"


Named "Best Portable Blender of 2023"

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District SixtyFive Blog Featured Image

District SixtyFive
"My milkshake blended within seconds and the texture of the milkshake was extremely smooth. The blending is also a lot quieter compared to bigger blenders in the market."

The Wacky Duo Blog Featured Image

The Wacky Duo
"a hit with the casual juice drinker, the fitness buff who needs a quick-fix protein shake, office workers who crave a smoothie to perk them up & even parents to prepare baby puree."

U Make Me Hungry Blog Featured Image

U Make Me Hungry
"While I had experienced a few portable blenders in the market, the Aura blender was not noisy to my ears. It can be used in a gym or even a shared workspace without disturbing others."

Alexis Cheong Blog Featured Image

Alexis Cheong
"not too loud as well compared to traditional blenders. In just a few seconds there was no more fruit chunks and all the ice had been blended into tiny bits. Very impressive. Clean up was a breeze too"

Gilmangirl Blog Featured Image

"I was wondering whether I was loading too many ingredients into this small bottle, but my, don't be fooled by its size. The blending was so swift that I was slightly startled by its speed. My ingredients were blended perfectly into a smooth and silky drink of goodness."

The Scribbling Geek Blog Featured Image

The Scribbling Geek
"The blending power is really powerful! And fast! I left the blender on for less than 3 seconds and my shake was 90 percent done. There were barely any fruit bits left unblended. The texture of my shake was wonderfully thick and creamy."

Me in Blogland Blog Featured Image

Me in Blogland
"For those of you who spend a lot of time working out or those who have infants and toddlers, this gadget could be a gamechanger. I personally see myself using it during picnics and while travelling."

My Preciouz Kids Blog Featured Image

My Preciouz Kids
"has not only improved my own eating habits but has also positively impacted my children’s snacking regime. I can easily whip up nutritious and delicious fruit smoothies for them as an after-school snack or a quick treat"

Fatsochef Blog Featured Image

"way easier to whip out and blend compared to my huge, heavy industrial blender. It also doesn’t heat up like some other portable food processors. It blends ice cubes pretty efficiently, and it’s easy to clean."

Stella Chen Blog Featured Image

Stella Chen
"I used to have a kitchen-top blender that had a bigger capacity but was a hassle to set up and wash, and not portable like my new Aura Portable Blender. Every day, I blend smoothies and juices for myself and my husband."

The Swanple Blog Featured Image

The Swanple
"powerful, easy to use and good in quality. Drinks turns out smooth and fresh. It is convenient to bring around too. The Insulated Sleeve keeps drink cold for hours and makes it convenient for travel. It is a good portable blender to invest in. "

Mum's Calling Blog Featured Image

Mum's Calling
"Here's what I tried with it - Lychee Watermelon Crush! Simply put together lychee, watermelon and ice, and blend! It gives a refreshing treat which is just as good as getting from Booze. Cost savings here. "




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Based on 569 reviews
Love how sleek and conveniently designed this is.

Easily charged with cable provided, and it can be charged even from laptop, or portable phone charger. Easy to wash too.

Here's what I tried with it - Lychee Watermelon Crush! Simply put together lychee, watermelon and ice, and blend! It gives a refreshing treat which is just as good as getting from Booze. Cost savings here.

Best experience with 2-in-1 Aura Portable Blender

Not only it is a blender, it can be converted into a lightweight bottle with just a lid.

Made juices, smoothies and even hummus with the blender and the blending speed was powerful and fast. You can charge the blender with a power bank for an hour to get 15+ round of blends.

It self-cleans easily with drops of dishwashing soap and water. Basically, it is just blending mode, and never thought that cleaning this way is fast and easy. 30 seconds and it is done cleaning. I even timed it.

Lastly, don't overstuff the blender with fruits or ingredients. Just half or 3/4 filled will do. Trial and tested.

Aura Portable Blender
Convenient and Portable

This Aura Portable Blender is perfect on the go especially when you want to crush the shakes and workout. It is also perfect for travel usage. While I had experienced a few portable blenders in the market. The Aura blender was not noisy to my ears. It can be used in a gym or even a shared workspace without disturbing others. I was thinking hard when I was thinking how it self-clean. Add some water and a drop of detergent to the Glass Jar and turn on the blender, do this a few times and the device will be cleaned. It's quite easy.

I can see why gym bros and gals would appreciate this

Here's how the Aura insulated sleeve looks with the bottle tucked in. It can accommodate the entire thing with the motor base or just the replacement lid, and the sleeve is actually waterproof and will keep the temperature of whatever inside hot/cold! Pretty nifty.

For smoothies on the go

Upon receiving the Aura portable blender I was surprised by the weight of it but realised that the bottle was made of borosilicate glass, hence the heft. Glass is heavier but it means you can also use it to blend hot ingredients like soup. Other than the blender, I also got the Aura insulated sleeve that allows one to bring the bottle around conveniently.

I like how you could bring it out and blend stuff on the spot. Imagine using this for chillis and garlic at a BBQ!

The sound was not too loud as well compared to traditional blenders. When I tested it out with some cut fruit, ice and milk, everything was blended smoothly in just a few seconds. Very impressive. Clean up was a breeze too.

I guess only time will tell whether the Aura blender lasts, but for now I am very satisfied with the quality.

Bottle is made of borosilicate glass

You can use it to blend hot ingredients like soup.

Great add on

I have added on Aura insulated sleeve so that my Aura Blender is protected and keep my cold drinks cold and warm drinks toasty warm.

Loving It

The Aura Portable Blender has not only improved my own eating habits but has also positively impacted my children’s snacking regime. I can easily whip up nutritious and delicious fruit smoothies for them as an after-school snack or a quick treat. They love the vibrant colors and flavors, and I’m delighted to provide them with a healthy alternative to store-bought snacks.

Aura Insulated Sleeve
Compatible with any other 500ml bottle

The Aura Insulating Sleeve has a wrist wrap that enables us to handle it properly and best of all, it has water-proof padded protection. The insulating technology helps to keep the drink fresh for hours.

Aura Insulated Sleeve

If I'm bringing my bottle out, I'll use the Aura Insulated Sleeve to keep my smoothie chilled, especially during a long commute. Not only does it keep your drinks chilled for hours; it can also ensure that your drink remains warm. The sleeve is also padded and waterproof. The thing about cold drinks is that they can leave water droplets outside the bottle, which can potentially wet the belongings in your bag. With this Insulated Sleeve, I wouldn't have to deal with wet stains around my bag. How wonderful!

Powerful portable blender

Powerful portable blender that allows you to blend smoothies on the go. You can even drink the smoothie directly by changing blender to bottle. 👍


I’ve no regrets getting the aura blender. It’s amazing, convenient and easy to use. The quality of insulated sleeve is good and fit nicely. Recommended product for everyone!


I liked Aura design and its function. It is very useful for me and easy to make fruit juices whenever I want it. Thanks Aura!

Aura blender

Simply blend very well like it promises.Handy to have it with moving around and getting your nutritious needs when it matters.its just up to you how you plan to have it throughout the day.

Super little gadget!

I’ve been using it non stop! Best feature for me is the wireless function! I could use it an entire week with one charge! Great for more than just smoothies! I make sauces with it too! Very happy with the product!

Kiwi, green apple, baby spinach and coconut water

Awesome blender! I love how it’s so easy to blend individual portions and clean easily! Looks chic in white!

love it

cool , easy to use.. love it

Great Sleeve

Fits perfectly and helps cushion the blender.

Easy to use

Great portable blender that’s easy to use and clean!

easy to use and wash, I use it for everything!!

love the blender! it is really easy to wash - just add some dish soap and blend everything up. I use it for everything from smoothies to matcha lattes to food prep. The delivery is very fast and I been recommending to my fam & friends!

Love the wireless design, great for smoothie sessions anywhere!

I got the Aura portable personal blender recently and I’m loving it! If you are seeking to enjoy a healthy beverage post workout or looking for a quick and easy way to blend food for infants and toddlers, this nifty gadget is a game changer. It can also useful to take on picnics, to keep in the office or carry during traveling.

I really like the sleek and compact design. The jar is made of borosilicate glass and not plastic. The size is compact enough that you can pop it in its insulated sleeve and take it with you. It can operate wirelessly which makes it the perfect kitchen gadget on the go.

My daughters and I put together some of our favourite fruits, added some unsweetened almond milk and then sat by the pool to make a refreshing smoothie on the spot.

The brownie point features are that the Aura blender can be converted into a bottle and it self-cleans.

Powerful, easy to use and convenient to bring around

Recently tried this new Aura blender. It is powerful, easy to use and convenient to bring around. I am able to make very smooth smoothies with it. Love it.

Impressive aftersales service, makes my daily juices in minutes!

Was a bit of a rough start because I had some difficulty learning how to use it properly, but the aftersales service is truly impressive.

Love the beautiful design, and I'm really enjoying the ease of making daily fruit juice and milkshakes in just minutes!

Personally I like retaining the fiber in the fruits and veg, it makes it easy for me to consume and adds a nice texture to my drinks. Good for 2 small drinks or one large one, and easy to make drinks for different individuals in just a few minutes.

3 weeks update: powerful, easy to wash, good quality

Had this portable blender for three week now and it’s lovely to use. The blending power is really strong and once charged, you can bring it anywhere. (It holds quite a lot of power, BTW) One end of the blender can also be replaced by a cap to make the blender into a lighter travel bottle.

Maintenance is easy. Most of the time I don’t need to dismantle the blender, I just need to add water and some dishwashing soap, blend that water for a while, and it’s mostly clean. A good lifestyle gadget to have, overall, especially if you’re trying to cut down on buying unhealthy drinks after using the gym, swimming, etc. The glass body is good quality too so I believe the blender will last for quite a while without scratches and all.


Simply magnificent ! I have been manually stirring/shaking my protein power for the longest time and no matter how long i shake or stir it, there will always be lumps forming which is really very frustrating and I believe most people experiences this too. With my new aura blender, i can mix up my protein powder in the matter of seconds perfectly. In addition i have been trying out different fruit smoothie blends and it works amazingly! Definately no regrets